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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 12, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

11:00 am thank you for joining me in the cnn "newsroom." i'm carol costello. we continue right now with ashleigh banfield. >> nice to have you with us. it's 11:00 on the east coast and 8:00 on the west coast. the secret is out. multiple marriages may be on the line and a city that thought it couldn't be shocked, that would be washington, is near speechless over the petraeus affair. i said near speechless. lawmakers with oversight duties over national security, they are not speechless. they want to know why they didn't know the fbi had discovered the director of the cia was having a fling with his married biographer. he's on the left, she's on the right. and today we know the number two republican in the house, majority leader eric cantor, was tipped off to the matter late last month. but officially the white house
11:01 am
itself was not told until last tuesday. election day. after the case had been closed. it's now been almost 72 hours since the whole world learned of the downfall of the rock star four-star general turned he is pea naj chief. the affair itself with a hard driving west point grad named paula broadwell, the fbi probe of it which began with menacing e-mails sent by broadwell to yet another woman with whom petraeus is close. and the fallout, congressional outrage over, a, being kept in the dark and, b, not being able to question petraeus in this week's hearings on the benghazi attack in september. at least perhaps not yet. i want to bring in cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. barbara, adultery can be a crime
11:02 am
in the military but it is not in the cia. it can, however, be a risky, risky endeavor. are there any indications at this point that our national security was threatened in the petraeus case? >> well, ashleigh, so far there is no indication of that but the facts have not come out in public. earlier today retired general james "spider "marks who broadwell once worked for and knows petraeus addressed this very question. >> there's absolutely almost zero percent chance that national security was compromised or was at risk. now, clearly, based on an initial investigation, there might have been classified documents that were found on her laptop. again, that might be more procedural than it is a large risk. so that needs to be looked into and that needs to be put aside so you can end that discussion and frankly you can let dave petraeus and paula go on with their lives because frankly the cia is going to be okay.
11:03 am
>> look, by all accounts, broadwell, a reservist in the military, also had a security clearance. so if she had classified information on her computer still to be acknowledged publicly c publicly whether that was allowable clearance, did she have information through petraeus that she should not have had and would never have happened except for their personal relationship? by all accounts, no. but, still, it has not all come out in public and the question fundamentally is one of general petraeus' personal judgment, how could he have let this happen to him? >> which he has already in a statement suggested was flawed because of this terrible lapse in judgment. but i want to go back to the issue of clearance -- security clearance, information, and what level of information she may have had. and i specifically want to refer to something she said very recently, barbara, in a speech that she gave in denver where
11:04 am
she -- and you really have to watch the video. for the folks at home who are not watching your screen, come over and watch your screen because i'm not sure whether it's her body language that gives more away or i'm not sure if we're making too much of this but she does say something very specific about information that heretofore was not public. >> i don't know if a lot of you have heard this but the cia took libyan militia prisoners and they think it was an attack on the consulate to get these prisoners back and that's still being vetted. >> we cut that off a little too soon but it almost looked as though there was a pause and i'm not sure, is that something that our pentagon staff was unaware of? is this the kind of information that is a shocker to be hearing in a loose speech like that? >> well, the notion that the cia had two libyans at that compound and that may have been responsible in part for the attack, let me address that. cnn reporters and producers have
11:05 am
asked about this and been told categorically that it is not true, that it is not the case. you know, we'll see. are those the true facts? is the cia lying? it seems remarkable that they would over something like this. there are sources saying that she is simply not accurate in what she says. on the other hand, this is a woman who publicly now for months and months in interviews about her book has talked about her personal access to david petraeus and that she, indeed, had unprecedented access to him. no other writer, no other reporter has had. so this just adds to the mystery. what really went on here? what did she know? what did she think she knew and why she was out there saying these things. >> and quickly, i want to talk about this benghazi issue as well. clearly these questions are not going to go away.
11:06 am
this thursday it's time for him to testify about this. we all know that congress has subpoena power. so stepping down on friday, many have said this was an effort to try to sweep it under the rug and not testify. that's just not the case. if they want him, they got him. >> absolutely. congress has complete authority to subpoena him to compel him to appear. but for congress to subpoena someone, that becomes somewhat of a political decision. the intelligence committee run by the democrats, would they go ahead and take that step? who knows. the house intelligence committee, the house controlled by the republicans, they may well. at this point, it's very unclear. but it does seem that david petraeus still has plenty of questions to answer and he might just find himself doing that in front of congress. >> and no one's been able to get to broad well at this point? she's not talking, is she? >> she is not talking. look, this woman is married, a mother of two young children,
11:07 am
has really gone underground, if you will. there's a lot of family pain both for mr. broadwell and also for mrs. petraeus in all of this, probably something that is well worth remembering there are two spouses here. >> yeah. >> who clearly are in a great deal of personal pain. >> and barbara, there are children. i saw a photograph of their home, the broadwell's home. they had departed and there was chalk on the driveway and in that chalk it was written, dad loves mom. there are kids involved here so this is clearly, as "spider" marks said, pain is going around. i know you have a lot to do so i'll let you go. >> sure. there are complaints from congress that members of the intelligence committees put the house and the senate were kept in the dark about all of this. senate intelligence committee woman dianne feinstein said this. >> we received no advance
11:08 am
notice. it was like a lightning bolt. >> and are you going to investigate why the fbi didn't notify you before? >> yes. absolutely. i mean, this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and the vice chairman of both committees. >> senator feinstein said that she wasn't informed until friday about all of this. let's bring in cnn contributor tom fuentes who is a former fbi director and knows a thing or two about protocol. tom, did the fbi have a duty to inform congressional leaders like her as they were finding out this information? >> good morning, ashleigh. i think that remains to be seen whether they did or didn't. the fbi has very tristrict protocols about who is notified
11:09 am
on this type of a situation that could become very public and political and could continue to hurt the effort to investigate the case. had it been determined that there was a security speech or that director petraeus had been involved potentially in some criminal activity, yes, they would make the notifications and that decision would be made by director muller of t. in fact, if they are getting towards the end of the investigation where they think they are not going to, then there really isn't a need and the second reason why they don't make she's notifications as a matter of routine is that it then creates a media circus and political frenzy where it's difficult to continue the investigation. if they have additional questions and want to go back to the various people involved in the investigation, that becomes very difficult if the media is camped out in their front yard at places of employment. that's why these investigations
11:10 am
are kept very confidential. that's the fbi protocol, to keep them confidential. and i think what you're seeing right now over the weekend actually proves the point of what happens when something that has this kind of tabloid nature in addition to the fact that he's a high ranking officer of the intelligence community, if not one of the very highest, makes a reason to maintain the integrity of the investigation. >> one of the things that i was not aware of is that the fbi can access all classified cia e-mail. it's astounding. so given at, that's a lot of e-mail to go through. so perhaps that can added to the length of time that this took. and to my knowledge, it's not that they are looking for an affair. that's not illegal in the cia. they are not looking for an affair. they are looking for any product of an affair that could be constituted as illegal. with that in mind, doesn't protocol go out the window the moment an e-mail is found that
11:11 am
constitutes the potential of classified information being in the hands of the wrong person of the mistress? >> i don't think protocol ever goes out the window. that's why it's very strict and the mere fact that the fbi is investigating someone in and of itself can damage their careers ir rep blee. so to not have something that turns out to be unfounded and the integrity case to uncover all of the material, make sure everything has been examined which could be a lot of material, to ensure that there had not been a breach. the fact that they had at no point uncovered criminal activity on petraeus' part or a breach of security, once they do, it's going to become public and create a problem for
11:12 am
continuing the case. >> tom fuentes, thank you so much for your insight. i appreciate it. there's a couple of newspapers here in new york that i want to show you the cover up, showing very prom nantly another woman, some actually titling her the other woman. her name is jill kelly. jill kelly is apparently the woman who is being called the other woman, the woman who was the recipient of paula broadwell's threatening e-mails. i want to read a statement that jill kelly and her husband have released to the press. we and our family have been friends with general petraeus and his family for over five years. we respect his and his family's privacy and want the same for us and our three children. we can tell you that a source has told cnn that the e-mail that she received allegedly from paula broadwell was, quote, jealous in tone but the source
11:13 am
did not know anything more about the content of this e-mail or whether there was more than one e-mail. we do know that the source said that miss kelley went to the fbi in tampa where she lives. so there you go. the other woman, whatever you want to make of her, has now released saying that they are close with the petraeuses and they, too, have children. so many questions left to be asked. we're back in a moment. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob?
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snoof so it's been a very busy couple of weeks since the east coast ravaged by superstorm sandy. sints that sto since that storm hit, there's been an election, a standoff in florida's vote count, a damaging nor'easter, a potential fiscal cliff and a scandal at the top of the cia that forced the
11:17 am
director to step down. and as you are learning all of this news and going about your life, a small community in eastern new york that was hammered by sandy has been waiting and waiting and waiting without power, without transportation, without food and in some cases without water. they have been waiting for help to arrive of any kind. it's unconscienable. victor blackwell is there. going into our third week now, how did these people, victor, fall through the cracks? >> reporter: it has not been very easy at all ashleigh. i just climbed up to the 14th floor to talk to mrs. doris hood. she has been here since the 28th and she walked down just once to vote. and then walked back up. she has no running water, she has no heat, no electricity, she has gas so she has her oven on and that's how she's keeping her
11:18 am
apartment warm. we have spoken with people about the conditions inside the building and we saw it for ourselves. the smell is horrendous because the incinerator doesn't work and people don't want to walk to the incinerator because it's dark leave it in the hallway. there's trash in the stairwells. you can smell it when you walk in. do not walk in without a flashlight because you'll walk into walls. a woman says that she is fed up. >> the smell is horrendous. the staircase is dark. it's just scary. every day i think i'm coming down the step, i might see a dead body somewhere. it's horrendous. >> reporter: now, again, this is not just one building. it's an entire community. 600 people live in that building alone. there has been power restored to some areas. there are about 28,000 customers
11:19 am
without power but still tens and thousands more sitting in the dark, sitting in the cold at night going into the third week, ashleigh. >> and there are 88,000 people on the east coast that still don't have power. there's a generator that doesn't appear to be in use. i don't see any relief workers or relief stands or goods or services. i don't see any -- have you seen anything to help these people? >> we have seen inside there's an organization called occupy sandy. they are in the community room here with food and water and they walk it up those flights of stairs to people like mrs. hood. but as it relates to the national guard, who was here on saturday, doctors without borders, mrs. hood tells us that they came and they told her that they would bring her more insulin. she's a diabetic and she's running low. she has a bottle of insulin left. she doesn't know if it's full but she's concerned about how long it will take for the insulin to come when she take it
11:20 am
is. >> two weeks after the storm hit. victor, thank you. keep an eye on that for us and let us know when more assistance arrives to this place that desperately needs it. you can help and you should. it is needed. the victims of superstorm sandy are suffering along the east coast. impact your world at ♪ ♪ ♪
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the countdown is officially on. warning, there are now just 50 days until the country hits the fiscal cliff. that's when the automatic spending cuts go into effect and taxes go up for everyone. it could have a potentially disastrous impact on the economy. congress is off but they do come back tomorrow and on friday congressional leaders are expected at the white house. oh, to be a fly on the wall on that one. dana bash is going to be with them. i'm kidding. she is not. it's going to be very closed door.
11:24 am
but don't you wish you could be in that meeting and do you think that anything will actually happen? >> oh, of course. because, look, publicly since the election there's been a more conciliatory tone on both sides of the aisle. it's been a basic post election posturing after what really generally is a status quo election. look, it is very cliche, ashleigh, the devil is in the details. democrats say they want to let tax cuts for those making $250,000 or more expire and the president campaigned on that two elections in a row. this time he says he means it. that would mean rates would go up. for the most part, republicans are saying that they may be okay with raising revenue, raising some taxes, but not those tax rates. i want you to listen to republican senator and patty murray on this. >> there's a right way to do this and a wrong way and speaker boehner was right that you have
11:25 am
to have revenue on the table but that does not mean raising taxes. >> clearly we have the ability between now and the end of the year to not go off the cliff but we can't accept an unfair deal that piles all of this on the middle class and tells them they have to support it. >> now, of course there is room for compromise. raising taxes on the wealthy by closing loopholes instead of the tax rates, that maybe would please republicans on the democratic side maybe. they are saying you kind of are redefine wealth altogether so that maybe tack rates for those making half a million or a million dollars a year go up. we'll see how this goes, as you said, congress will be back tomorrow and there will be a big meeting at the white house on friday with the president. >> and what about the gang of eight, the four republicans and four democrats who have decided to get back to the hard negotiating? what can we make of them returning to the effort? >> you know what, they are all trying hard.
11:26 am
they are going to have a meeting this week, our congressional producer reported that. it sort of pains me to say because everybody should want a compromise and a group of people willing to work hard to be successful. but talking to leadership sources and republican and democratic parties, it just seems like at this point that ship has sailed. it's gone up several levels. it's the president, house speaker that is going to be doing this. if this gang of eight can come up with something that is magical, of course i can't imagine people not watching it and looking at it but despite trying so hard, they haven't been able to. but you know what, we've been surprised before and maybe we'll be surprised again. >> dana bash, that was a big line of white guys in that gang of eight, a lot of white men. check that out. where are the women? where are the mediators, the women who can try to forth some kind of a consensus? i'm the mediator in my house. >> aren't we all?
11:27 am
lee give a little bit of news on females in the senate, not in the lame duck but next year in the next congress there will be a record of 20 women in congress. new republicans, new democrats. women are getting in there but whether they are at the table at this point in that room, no. i will say that some very high ranking women, i should say, have been in high ranking talks over the last couple of years. olympia snowe was knee-deep in health care talks. they have been but in this particular group, not so much. >> we all know that women can be as the next. for more on the fiscal cliff and what it means to you, please do yourself a favor. head to there's an awesome explainer that goes through the potential effects one by one of going off the fiscal cliff. remember, we are 50 days out from fixing this thing and making sure we avert that
11:28 am
catastrophe. and i just want to bring you some breaking news. we're getting word that lance armstrong has resigned as a member of his board, the cancer fighting charity livestrong foundation. that move comes amid the doping scandal. the statement from the group says that he stepped down voluntarily to, quote, spare the organization any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding his cycling career. now, despite this move, armstrong did not appear particularly contrite with his latest tweet. he posted this little diddy over the weekend. the heading is, back in austin just laying around. do you see what is on the wall? those would be the yellow jerseys and that would be him on his sofa. lance is lying around, if you want to get it correct, and also he gets to keep those yellow shirts. those were not taken away.
11:29 am
just the titles. but, lance, they are shirts. they are not jerseys anymore. [ male announcer ] nature valley sweet & salty nut bars.
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after nearly 20 months of fierce fighting, there may be a major turning point in the civil war in syria. yes, it is still raging. and the various dysfunctional opposition groups seem to be finally agreeing to unite at least under one umbrella group. so this is what you're used to seeing. there's no uniform there but it is fierce. these are the scenes from syria. government fighting rebel forces through streets that are truly war zones and are a mess. now let's shift to some other pictures where the uniforms become very different. suits. these are opposition leaders. essentially representing those people in the streets and they were meeting over the weekend in the gulf to create what on paper at least is a unified group with
11:33 am
the aim of getting rid of bashar al assad. now, if they can do it, it would possibly mean the end of the carnage going on every single day. there are graphic images that we're about to show you. just one example of what goes on every day. they are the opposition saying that more than 35,000 people now killed since the conflict erupted in march of last year. so many of them kids just like that or younger. the syrian neighbors, like turkey, desperately hope that an end to the fighting will put a stop to all of this because syrian reverend few gees, like these women and children that you are seeing, by the tens and thousands they are running for the border, breaking into turkey and breaking into other cities that border turkey, too, just trying to find safety for their kids. all of this coming as the syrian conflict draws in yet another neighboring country. israeli forces firing after a
11:34 am
syrian mortar round landed in golan heights. the first exchange of fire between the two countries in more than 40 years. arwa damon is joining us. they were wearing suits and looked very official but can this new applied group actual succeed? >> hleigh, this is being viewed as a first step, although a positive one. let's look at the leadership of this new coalition. its head was the former famous mosques in damascus. he's considered a moderate, someone who has continually preached unity. very instrumental in the creation of this coalition, he's a very prominent businessman from damascus skas well.
11:35 am
the other person, a woman. all three of these individuals have either during this revolution against the syrian regime or in the past been gelled by the assad government. initially the response that we're hearing from opposition activists inside syria is that they are welcoming this development because it is about time that the opposition provide the international community, provide key global leaders who want to help the syrian rebellion, a unified front that they can, in fact, negotiate with perhaps more importantly, ashleigh, get certain guarantees from. >> and then, of course, if they get those guarantees and things go well, will that unified front remain unified? arwa damon, not dropping this story. thank you for your excellent work. we are back right after this. c.
11:36 am
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in case you missed it, the race in florida finally called over the weekend. hooray. president obama is the winner
11:39 am
but just by a little more than 70,000 votes and that hooray was not for obama, it is because it is finally finished. governor rick scott has called for a review of the voting process in his state. we have asked governor scott to come on this program to explain just what happened in his state because it ain't like they didn't have warning that there would be a lot of lines with a long, long ballot. but he's declined three days straight. today he's attending a veterans parade in jacksonville, florida, at this hour. we'd like the governor and his office to know that we're going to keep on asking until he explains why the long ballot and cutting of the early voting was cut short. we heard minutes ago from dana bash on the fiscal cliff negotiations and now i want to go to wolf blitzer on the tax
11:40 am
issue. we heard a sharp distinction between taxes and raising income, the tax rates themselves, and now comes this potential bombshell from very powerful conservative commentator bill kristol. have a listen. >> the leadership in the conservative movement needs to flow back and let's have a serious debate and don't scream and yell when someone says it won't hurt the country if we raise the taxes a little bit on the millionaires. i don't know why they don't take obama's offer to freeze taxes for anyone below 250,000. really, the are republicans are going to fall apart, half of whom voted democrat and half whom live in hollywood? >> wolf, that was surprising to a lot of people, journalists and republicans alike. does this mean that the sentiment is swaying? >> it certainly means that some, like bill kristol, are saying make sure that taxes don't go up for 98% of the american public.
11:41 am
those earning individually under 200 thourk or 250 thourk as a family. there have been some democrats like chuck schumer who said to raise that level to a million. no one makes under a million should get an increase. go from that 35% which currently exists the maximum tax rate to 39.6% which is what it was during the clinton administration. so bill kristol says, do that, make sure that most americans don't get any tax increase come january 1st. there will be plenty of republicans who will oppose any tax rate because it goes against their commitment not to raise tax rates, a equipment that governor norquist by signing those pledges, as you well know, ashleigh. my gut tells me there will be maneuver ra built between the president and john boehner. the president wants to make sure that rich people pay a little more in taxes. boehner says he's open to that but not by raising the so-called tax rate. he's opened to that by
11:42 am
eliminating tax loopholes and exemptions and generating tax revenue by an improved economy if the gdp goes up. people will be making more money, presumably, that's the theory. there's some maneuverability. i suspect the pressure is so great that they will get some kind of a deal. it may not be a permanent deal but maybe enough to kick the ball down the road and study major tax reform over the next year. >> and so the congressional budget office came out with a report last week that seems to give the republicans some political cover here because it suggests that there will be no big harm to the economy if the wealthy 1% are taxed at a higher rate. that said, i would assume -- and you'll have to weigh in here tha, that loopholes are still highly in play. >> you have to add up what all of the math shows and if you --
11:43 am
forget about the middle class. for wealthy people you say you can no longer deduct your home mortgage, your charitable contributions, some of your -- some of those other deductions that you have used to have creative accounting, if you will, to are reduce your taxes so you're only paying 14 or 15%, remember, mitt romney who made $20 million, he was only paying effectively a tax rate of 14 or 15 because most of that money came from investment income interest, if you will, as opposed to salary which would be much higher, 35%. there are creative ways to do it but let's see in the math adds up and you make a dent on reducing the deficit. >> all right. wolf blitzer, thank you. do appreciate it. i like to give a plug to your show. tune in at 4:00 p.m. eastern today, "the situation room," only on cnn. thank you, wolf. >> thank you. i have some stuff i want to bring to light. we have a couple more nuggets coming to light in the david petraeus scandal. a friend of the suddenly
11:44 am
disgraced cia chief and former four-star general says that general petraeus never gave paula broadwell classified information and has not had affairs with any other women. and i will suggest, once again, even though the local newspaper suggests that indeed there's another person who happens to be a woman, separately this friend, who has spoke ton to general petraeus throughout the weekend, quote, is he taking this hard. he sees this as a failure and this is a man who has never failed at anything, end quote. i also want to play for you a piece of an interview that we were mining this morning that paula broadwell gave to the, site because she was out on the book circuit promoting her bestselling biography of david petraeus.
11:45 am
listen to the words that she uses in the interview. >> when i realized the opportunity i had to tell this message to present this portrait of strategic leadership, you know, i'm not in love with david petraeus but he's a terrific role model for executives, young people, a great role model who is value-oriented who speaks the truth to power. >> suggesting it's not the lauding of saints but i'm not in love with david petraeus. she went on to say that she didn't know if general petraeus had read her book but that she had given the book to david petraeus and his wife holy and that she liked the book significantly. paula broadwell particularly referred to not being in love with the general. however, she worded it and whatever she meant. we'll bring you the latest on
11:46 am
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okay. it isn't even thanksgiving yet. nope. but as usual, we are already being bombarded by the holiday sales flyers and decorations are already up in the department stores and santas are out there ring ari ringing away. could the looming fiscal cliff make spenders not use their wallets again? alison kosik is here. >> once you hear this, there is a new survey that finds that more than half of the holiday shoppers plan to buy more gifts than they did last year and not
11:50 am
only will they spend more, they are not going to plan it out in advance. "money" magazine has a few tips. first, set a budget. make a list of everyone you're going to buy for. don't forget to include expenses like cards, gifts, and food. trim the list down to just the gift exchange or a secret santa or instead of gifts, suggest doing something together, like having dinner or volunteering and before you shop look at the big picture. run a retirement projection of all things or look at your child's college fund. what that could do is put all of your christmas shopping in perspective. look long-term. do you need to buy that gift x for $3,000, if you could do something else for $100? >> i say take a picture. take a picture and put it in a frame, and that's the best -- >> that's -- that warms the heart. sfoo that's what you're getting. >> thanks. i'll look for it. >> hey, don't go anywhere, i want to pop up the big board and see how the markets are doing. i think thief been down slightly. >> it's been pretty flat all day. not much moving the markets. greece came up with its 2013
11:51 am
budget. japan's gdp came up light. today is a holiday, and trading is thin. it will kind of get back to normal tomorrow. >> 21 points and some odd -- today is a holiday for some. >> yes. >> alison, thank you. back in a moment. ♪
11:52 am
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zirjs this is the point in the show where the kids have to lee the room just for a moment because this next bit of news is about the birds and the bees. it's about unprotected sex, the porn industry, and a serious bit of business, actually. while most people are focused on picking the president last week, but the voerlts in l.a. decided that porn actors who don't use condoms while on the job create an unsafe work environment sxrshgs from now on they got to wear them. the trouble is that's apparently bad for business.
11:55 am
porn does not sell so well when the actors, how shall i say, put up a wall, and now that industry that brings 10,000 jobs to l.a. county and generates millions in tax revenue says that it may be looking for another state in which to set up shop. the l.a. times has been covering this story for years, and i'm joined by ron lynn who is one of their reporters who has been on this story. while this is fun to report on, it's also extraordinarily serious for the economy of this community and are they serious when they say change this or we're out? >> that's what they say. they say that they will not -- if l.a. county doesn't enforce this rule, they wi-- does enfor they will leave the county and perhaps the state. >> is that something that will cripple the county and have a huge impact on the state, or will they be able to recover
11:56 am
somehow? >> you know, it's hard to say. the industry has said that it has a major role to play. it does have a major part in the san fernando valley. there's a big question as to what their options are. only two states in the nation actually explicitly permit pornography to be filmed, and that's california and new hampshire, of all places. >> so new hampshire would be the place where they would amscray? they would have a long flight. >> that's right. that's right. the industry does say that they would like to perhaps go to nevada, but nevada's state supreme court actually hasn't explicitly ruled that pornography can be filmed there. >> huh. so, ron, they want to -- the industry before it pulls up stakes and moves the entire, you know, show across the country, they want to actually sue about this ballot measure. my question is -- i'm not going to suggest for a moment that you know all the legal ins and outs,
11:57 am
but do they have merit in actually launching a suit, and if they are successful, what does that mean to the voters of california who have said that they feel it's important to have a safe work environment? >> well, the porn industry says that, you know, this measure violates their first amendment rights to film -- to, you know, produce their film the way they want to. now, the aids activists who sponsor this measure, which passed with 56% of the vote in los angeles county, they say that, look, you know, we think that -- you know, they can broadcast whatever kinds of images they want, but they feel this is a worker safety protection, just like stunt performers have to be protected, you know, when they do stunts, so the aids activists who sponsored this measure are confident that they'll win in court. >> well, and we will watch to see if there's any enforcement as well now that it's the law of the state. ron lynn, thanks very much. do appreciate you coming on and
11:58 am
with a straight fashgs giving me the facts about a very important piece of business. take care, and keep reporting on this. let us know what happens, ron. thanks. and thank you for waiting through that segment and for allowing notice bring that bit of news to you, despite its blushing factor. it's very hard to get video for something like that. newsroom international starts right now after this commercial break. capella university understands rough economic times have led to an increase in clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the
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